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Call Centre optimization and design
In today's business environment of instant communications and the ability of all competitors to produce roughly the same mix of product and price, customer service becomes the cornerstone of survival.

Do you know your customer?
Do you know where your rolex replica sale is calling from and why he/she is calling? Do you have all correspondence, statements and profitability information at your fingertips? Do you feel you react ineffectively to your customer's "complaints" due to lack of information? Can you send targeted messages such as "thank you", birthday greetings, and marketing messages to your customers? Can you resolve less than 90% of your customer's queries on the spot?

Some examples of successful Call Centre optimization by Discovery
The success of any contact centre boils down to getting the fundamentals right. This means having an appropriately trained service agent force, equipped with the hublot replica uk for effective customer communication. This can be done either verbally or by correspondence via up-to-date online screen information available.

Implemented ACD, IVR and predictive dialling technologies together with process re-engineering automated 25% of inbound calls, reduced call abandonments by 85%, and process handoffs reduced by 5 times. The required service quality and process measures were implemented for control and management purposes.

Imaging system – managed an 800 seat AS400 and imaging system for document management., faxing and workflow within the "call centre" environment.

Discovery understands the challanges facing the modern Contact Centre, and can assist your business to:
Embark on thorough analysis of contact volumes, using appropriate use of technologies such as "workforce management" systems and other analytical tools, determine the optimum size of the agent force needed.

Analyse agent skill and technical skill levels pertaining to product or service, as well as in people contact and communication and conflict resolution skills. These aspects determine the direction and nature of training required.

Analyse all processes performed to service the customer. This entails detailed process mapping in conjunction with business "subject matter experts" to determine the process validity and efficiency.


Call Centre technologies:
ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
ACD is the cornerstone of call centre technologies. This component allows inbound calls to be queued to a rolex replica uk agent group or skill set according to the rules set up within the replica watches sale software.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
This technology allows an inbound caller to interact with host or legacy systems in a "self service" mode, without the need for human agent intervention.

Predictive Dialling Technology
Forms the main engine for a contact centre's outbound campaign operation, and allows the predictive dialler to call numbers from a downloaded call list. It will only pass the call to an agent when it has established voice contact at the called end. The dialler will pass the customer record to the agent at the same time as he takes the call. This technology allows for increases in productivity of up to 400% in outbound calling activity.

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
Technology that will take the identification of an inbound caller from CLI (Caller Line Identifier) or IVR, or whatever method is used, and fetch customer records from legacy or other systems. It will present this information on the agent's workstation at the time the ACD passes the agent the inbound call.

DIP (Document Image Processing)
Allows for customer correspondence to be faxed directly into work queues to be worked by the agent force. Conventional correspondence received is scanned into the system, allowing these documents to be worked on by the agent force. The system is used typically as a storage repository by which an agent can gain instant access to any document and reply pertaining to a given customer.

COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disc)
Allows documents produced by back end systems such as statements and invoices to be easily stored in vast bulk. Agents have instant access to any of these text documents stored on the system in the event they need to be reproduced and sent to the customer.

Why choose Discovery Business Solutions?
Discovery Business Solutions has extensive and successful experience with regard to Call Centre technologies. Discovery integrates processes, technology, and people so as to provide a complete end-to-end Call Centre solution. Unlike many vendors and consultancies, Discovery specialises in thorough analysis, process design, business case design and approval, implementation, training, and continuous hands-on consultancy to provide the optimum and most cost-effective Contact Centre.

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