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Are you getting the most out of your rolex replica uk technology spend?
Are your IT costs exorbitant? Does it seem that you have to continually rolex replica sale your infrastructure? Are you uncertain of the bottom-line value you are getting from the office infrastructure?

Is your IT infrastructure an overhead and not a business tool? Do you feel that you should rolex replica uk more value from the infrastructure (for the amount of money it costs), but you are unsure how to do it?

Do IT problems and lack of delivery constrain your business solutions? Are your IT projects always late, over budget, and do not conform to your business expectations?

Are you in control of the IT infrastructure? Do you know how many PCs your company has and when they would need replacement? Are you 100% sure that all your data will be if a system fails or a fire destroys your office?

Enhance your company's performance
IT support has become key in achieving any company's business goals. The IT support environment, like the core business lines, also requires constant review and efficiency management to ensure optimum systems leveraging.

Business continuity and survival depends on support services which can intelligently manage the IT infrastructure, be innovative and dynamic in approach, and effectively support daily operation.

IT and its support tend to contribute substantially to the "cost of being in business". This statement is true in many instances. However, the cost of your IT support and management should not have a crippling effect on the overall profitability of the business.

When this happens, it can be as a result of business management not having the IT skills and knowledge to question cost against the deliverables, and make correct and informed decisions.

Discovery understands these challenges and has experience in optimizing and leveraging your existing IT
Discovery has a proven track record and the skills to analyse and investigate your company's entire IT support environment and infrastructure. The assessment will detail gaps and areas for improvement.

Discovery has the capability to take over and manage your company's support environment, perform skills transfer, recommend and implement best practice procedures, ensure effective delivery, and in conjunction with the business, formulate future IT system strategies and objectives.

Discovery will build solid financial and strategic business cases for recommended solutions or technologies (this will detail cost versus benefit for approval and agreement at executive level).

Discovery can assist you to: 
Reduce operational and support staff and overheads
Reduce paper and handle paper more efficiently
Reduce capital expenditure on information technology
Improve control and measurement of operations & business processes
Improve control and execution of IT implementations
Ensure that a business case exists for IT implementations

Discovery's skills and experience covers the following:

Desktop hardware and software support (PC and printers)
Server hardware, software and management
E-mail support
Corporate and personal anti-virus
Backups and disaster recovery
Physical network infrastructure
Hardware and software acquisition
Financial planning and management relating to IT expen-diture
Image and document workflow management solutions
Faxing from desktop
Internet and intranet
Mid range
Mainframe and other interface connectivity
Full systems development lifecycle from desktop through to mainframe
System strategy and architecture planning and design

Why Discovery?
Success in these vital operational areas will allow the business to concentrate on the sales, marketing and service aspects to position itself as the leader in it's particular field of endeavor.

Like many consultantacy vendor companies, Discovery Business Solutions specialises in thorough analysis of the existing state. Unlike many consultancy companies, Discovery will assist or lead in process design, re-design or enhancement, optimization of existing systems and infrastructure, with emphasis on cost-effectiveness.

Discovery will build a solid financial and strategic business case for recommended solutions or technologies (this to detail cost versus benefit for approval and agreement at appropriate business executive level).

Discovery will assist with, or lead and manage project implementation, training, operational impact analysis, and "change management". Discovery will also be there for continuous hands-on consultancy to constantly provide the optimum and most cost-effective IT systems support possible.

What to do next
Allow Discovery to meet with you to discuss issues of concern. Such discussion will establish at a high level whether we can assist and/or deliver solid value-added solutions.

Thereafter, Discovery will undertake a more detailed on-site assessment of the issues. This would culminate in a detailed feasibility study, impact analysis, and living business plan for ongoing cost containment and benefit into the future.

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